Webshop is TEMPORARILY closed <3

I am living in a dream, a dream me and my husband worked very hard to get to. We are in Bogotá, Colombia for 6 months and I am enjoying life to it´s fullest.

Since all my artwork is stored at home, in Denmark, and I did not hire an assistant to send orders, I had to close my shop temporarily.

But please come and follow me on instagram and facebook since I will be working on new art projects and do post pictures.

Follow me on instagram and also on facebook

I love to see you over there! 

ps: the shop will open again the 1.st of July 2017 ;)

pps: If you´ve fallen in love with one of my pieces write me an email at: lisa@lisasnow.dk and I will take the piece of the shop and send it to you the second I get to Denmark ;)

Lots of love to you,